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Loan Programs

Choosing the right loan for you

Conventional Loans

Offering traditional Conventional Loans, with down payment options to help you reach your home financing goals.

Jumbo Financing

Our Jumbo home financing helps you to buy the home of your dreams with just 10% down, and no private mortgage insurance.

FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures home loans making it easier for homebuyers to purchase the home of their dreams or make home upgrades.

Doctor + Attorney Loan Program

As the local area experts, we can educate you on the downpayment assistance programs available to you, so you can start on the path to buying your dream home.

USDA Home Loans

Backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the USDA Home Loan program offers homebuyers with credit challenges, and limited income, the opportunity to buy a home with no money down, in eligible rural areas.

VA Mortgage

The VA Home Loan program was created for the heroes of our country, providing them the opportunity to buy a home, or refinance their current mortgage.

Portfolio Home Loan Programs

When you don't hfit into the square of traditional home financing, we
have the mortgage programs to help you reach your goals.

Construction Home Loans

A construction home loan gives you the ability to personalize your home's details, from floor plan to fixtures. With a 12-month term, your building crew has ample time to construct and add the finishing touches. Full construction, swimming pools and additions. Owner-occupied, second home and investment properties.

Lot & Land Loans

Whether you plan to build your dream home tomorrow, or a few years from now, the journey to buying the perfect lot or piece of land is the first step.

Bank Statement Loan Program

As a consultant, real estate agent, artist, carpenter, or whatever your dream career, you can still enjoy the benefits of home financing. We’ll consider your business and personal bank statements in lieu of W-2’s or regular payroll checks.

Doctor + Attorney Loan Program

For Doctors and Attorneys, this program launches with interest-only payments so you can manage student loans, credit card debt, and come home every day to your new beautiful home. Low 5% down payment options available up to $1 million loan amounts.

Condo Hotel Financing

When purchasing a condo hotel in a resort area with attractive “hotel” amenities, you may find that your local bank and traditional mortgage lender can’t help you, but we can! Available for second home and investment properties.

The 80-10-10 with a Fixed 2nd Mortgage

Get a first and second mortgage simultaneously to cover 90% of a home’s purchase price. With this program you can put just 10% down AND avoid mortgage insurance.

  • Purchase a larger home while avoiding strict Jumbo guidelines
  • 15 or 30-year term options on the fixed-rate 2nd mortgage

Bridge Home Loan Program

For many homeowners, buying a new home requires the sale of their current home first. With our specialized program, you can buy your new home, and worry about selling later! This program allows you to qualify for a new home loan, avoid two hefty mortgage payments, and prevent the need for temporary housing by completely eliminating the "in between" period between selling and buying. Lot

The Fix & Flip Loan Program

As a real estate investor looking to buy, rehab and then sell a home, you need creative financing solutions. This short-term business loan helps you to purchase and rehab a home. Interest-only options available. Limited documentation required.